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So a judge shut down because they were buying votes. What I wanna know is, how is that any different from what Al Gore's up to? Forgive me, for a moment, for the delusion that Dubya is any different; he really isn't, but let's ignore that. I'm on a roll, here. Without private property, all the ten amendments won't be worth the parchment they're inscribed in. And, see, Al Gore has plans for your property: he wants to make it his. So while I really have to hold my nose to do it, if I HAD to choose between Gore and Dubya, I'd pick the latter. You see, Gore sees more and bigger government as the rocketship to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And that's a problem.

Just listen to his krep:

We can follow the lessons of the past - lessons we learned the hard way - to build a new future for our country. We can have a smaller, smarter government that balances the budget every year, pays down and then pays off our debt, and gives tax cuts to the middle-class - the families who need help the most in order to make their dreams come true.

Or we can just repeat the past like a broken record - letting the wealthiest Americans gorge themselves on tax cuts they don't need, and draining away the surplus you worked so hard to build. [But what he doesn't say is that, rather than returning surpluses to the people who earned it, he wants to spend it all -- and then some. Oh, Al, and by the way -- just watch who you call "rich"!]

[... As] President, I will not add to the number of people doing work for the federal government - not by even one position. [Aw, bullshit.]


Gore is in favor of free lunches for everyone, and he'll make 'em mandatory, dammit. Free prescription drugs for the most enthusiastic voters -- senior citizens! Mandatory hospitalization stays for breast cancer patients! Medicare for everyone! Whee! Having Al Gore as President is just like having a big store where everything's free!


Al Gore is a schmuck, no doubt about it, a lying, oily, brittle as pane glass schmuck. And this is what the American public wants: a schmuck who lies to them in boldface, tells them he and he alone can raise their IQs 20 points, make their children more attractive and less smelly, and get balding fifty-year-olds a date with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

All for free.

This is why we limit presidents to two four year terms.

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