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Eeyore is my new mascot. He suits me, I think: fundamentally gloomy, but lined with the faint glow of residual cheeriness. See? In the picture left, he's actually smiling, a little bit, not enough to actually be convinced of something patently ridiculous, but enough to let you know he's not depressed all the time. It's just that enthusiasm isn't his way. He's a little hopeful, but never foolishly so. He does not believe in reincarnation, chiropractic, or full immersion baptism. He does not buy lottery tickets, play golf, or vote Democratic. His gloominess keeps him out of trouble: he will never sell aluminum siding to widows, because he knows it's useless. The pie in the sky is utterly foreign to him; he's not convinced about the one on the table in front of him.

He is sweet, though, and a little naive: he misses out on small miracles because of his native skepticism. He loves his friends dearly, and he finds their generosity deeply touching.

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