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I hate NPR. The reasons for this are manifold, but in the main, it's because they're a mindless rah-rah section for stupid, overgrown bureaucracy -- and I have to pay for their cheerleading. If one were to believe NPR, there's never anything government can't do, and when some dumbass program fails spectacularly (as they mostly do), the inevitable excuse is they didn't get enough money or were understaffed. What a coincidence! The worst part is that if I, a private citizen, wanted to put together a radio station airing the opposing viewpoint -- an anti-NPR, if you will -- I would have to buy an expensive broadcasting license. Being "public radio", they get their license at something of a discount. Okaaay!

But I digress. The real reason I hate NPR is that they're so blindingly clueless in the face of the obvious. A brilliant example of this came up last Tuesday when I was driving home to dinner, and, uncharacteristically, flipped the radio to KCRW. One of NPR's fallopian mafia was interviewing a sleep researcher about sleep deprivation in teenagers and the new later school day in Minneapolis. He said that he never turned down a request to give talks to high schools. Inevitably, when he did speak, which was typically in the early mornings, he would quickly be speaking to a roomful of zombies.

This he attributed to sleep deprivation on the part of the students.

Or he's a dull speaker... but that never crossed the NPR interviewer's little mind, 'cause she sure didn't ask him about it. Like I said, the obvious evades them.

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