a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Via Scareduck? Via no chicken?

Because some time in 1994, the userid "scarecrow" wasn't available on AOL. I took the next bird that came to mind. Besides, "duck" has the same number of letters as "crow", and it's funnier. Just ask the Marx Brothers. Really... I only did it because my wife had an account of her own, and I figured, what the heck...

Why the plain-Jane HTML?

Because in the main, Flash is abused by nitwits with nothing to say. Because HTML and plain text, appropriately used, can convey meaning without fancy and slow-downloading graphics tools that require the user to (again) download and maintain browser plugins, sometimes at their financial cost.

Will the Dodgers make it to the series this year?

No. But 2004 will be their year, I bet.

Will there be words and music?


Will there ever be more content here?

Eventually. First I have to suck it off the tape I swiped from Syseca, er, Harmoneca, er, Harmon ICS. Whatever.

How come there's no e-mail addresses?

What are you, a spammer or something? If you're reading this, you already know my address... and if not, you can probably figure out something that should work.

Where did the odd movements come from?

Oh, wait, I'm typing from the Stop Making Sense liner notes.

I'm bored, make me laugh.

Okay: Go see the Brunching Shuttlecocks, or The Onion, or James Lileks homepage, or The Spark. Now, you owe me fifty bazillion dollars.

Is that all?

Um, no..
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