Rob Gruntles

Assorted mooing from yours truly. Filler worse than Filler.

blogosphere or, it's blog, it's blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood
the devil we don't know or, frying pan, meet fire
McCourt or, redefining the term Dodger Dog
Vlad or, Arte, you sure got some big ones
stupid Xtian bumpersticker or, turn the other cheek somewheres else why dontcha
What Ails Dem Bums: Part 1, Offense or, too-much-yet-not-enough-analysis-dep't
and suddenly, baseball was fun again or, go, Angels!
five dollar Polly or, without Terry, you're nothing
tile project or, if we can't retile the bathroom, then the terrorists have won
escape artist: Helen's story or, setting-the-record-straight dep't
escape artist or, block wall fence, comin' right up
the last wedding I'll ever go to or, they go together like a horse and carriage
federal case or, I'm in charge here, part 2
buy my vote, Al Gore or, in my kingdom, you'd be in jail, pal
drip, drip, drop or, it's raining, it's pouring!
sample this or, for every job there's a wrong tool
eeyore or, my new mascot
Ramones in fifth grade or, how did I get to be 37?
little CTO or, recruiters... I hate recruiters!
bad dog or, Hannah's backstory, or, ooh, iddn't dat cute?
zzzz or, I was a teenage insomniac for the NPR
new car or, but I don't want an SUV
liberty & Joe Sixpack or, how come Wal-Mart got a building permit but I didn't?
rats! or, the dogs try to steal our victory
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