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Saying the Democratic party is dangerous to the Republic is something of a tautology at this point. You need look no further than the recent election to see proof of it. Warren Christopher, front man for Gore's campaign, said of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (a Republican), "This is a strange situation where she would exercise discretion in other situations but not where the presidency of the United States is at stake." Which, translated, is just another way of saying, get the f--- out of my way, you local inconvenience. Hi, I'm Warren Christopher, and my boss is Al Gore, who wants to be Emperor, erm, President. These aren't the droids you're looking for, and you can tear up that lil' old speeding ticket.

Ye gods.

Neither Gore nor Christopher have apparently noticed that there is no such thing as a federal election. Yup. But it wouldn't be the first time Democrats have just wished the law away in order to buy the voters. Despite Gore's earlier pious bleatings about the rule of law, it's obvious he -- and his henchmen -- have no use for it if they think they can get away with circumventing it. Christopher's statement shows utter contempt for the law, and for the Constitution's division of authority: it's a Federal case if he says it is. And in so saying, he becomes no better than the other tyrants of the 20th century.

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